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Bordertown and TBS Present the Peter Karp Band (Nashville)

Bordertown and TBS Present

The Peter Karp Band (New Jersey and Nashville)

Saturday, May 5, 9 PM, George’s Roadhouse

Limited Tickets in advance ($15 at Ducky’s) and $20 at the door

Special Student Price at the door only (ID required: $10)


Accolades aside, Peter Karp is a storyteller who also happens to be an assertive singer, an insightful songwriter, a spellbinding performer, and a searing slide guitarist (who we saw last with our very own Sue Foley).

 Fortunately, those distinctions aren’t mutually exclusive. Nor is it a contradiction to call Karp both a master of the blues and an Americana aficionado. In Karp’s case, all these threads are bound tightly together. 

It’s little wonder then that Blues Blast Magazine described him simply as “One of the most well-respected songwriters in America.” Or that AllMusic.com noted, “Karp is his own man, an artist who blends roots music styles into something that transcends blues, country, R&B and swamp, John Prine’s wordplay, Joe Ely’s rocking instincts, Billy Joe Shaver’s fatalistic outlook.” 

Karp is a singular musician whose ability to tap tradition and keep in contemporary, finds him expressing the very essence of a fertile heartland sound. As his friend and collaborator, Rolling Stones guitarist and John Mayall’s sideman Mick Taylor once noted, “Guys like Peter Karp, James Taylor and Bob Dylan embody Americana Blues, and us English guys are inspired by it.” 

That may explain why Karp has been the recipient of so many distinguished accolades throughout his career, including nominations for a pair of Blues Blast Awards in 2016 and top placement on the Blues charts with every one of his recent albums.

It’s also not surprising that Mick Taylor offers a searing solo on “The Turning Point,” a featured track on Karp’s stunning new album Blue Flame (his 9th). Released February 2nd on Rose Cottage Records, it spotlights Karp’s incendiary guitar work, his keyboard prowess, his expressive harp playing and a rough hewn vocal style that gives each of the album’s 13 songs an indelible presence right from the get-go. Whether it’s the outright drive and determination of “The Arson’s Match” and “Rolling on a Log,” the loping delivery of “The Nietzsche Lounge,” the heart worn sentiment of “Valentine’s Day,” the dogged delivery of “From Where I Stand,” or the quiet persistence of “Round and Around,” Karp manages to create an immediate impression, one that resonates even more with each successive spin.

In the meantime, Karp continues to document his observations and experiences and perform for audiences in a variety of venues, including theaters, clubs and festivals throughout the world. He remains a journeyman musician, always faithful to his convictions and the integrity of his music. 

“What turns me on is absolute honesty,” Karp confesses. “You have to take it seriously to stay committed to who you are and where you’re coming from. That’s the way I connect to my audience. You can’t BS people. It’s always about the honesty.” 

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Reviews for Blue Flame

“Karp’s eye for detail, the range of emotions, and clever sense of humor prevail. Throughout, Karp impresses with his expressive voice and passionate playing.  There’s bristling animation and energy in these baker dozen’s tunes that surpasses much of Karp’s previous work.”

Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine 

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“The list of musicians who have stepped up to play alongside bluesman Peter Karp is a long one — from old school blues icons like Willie Dixon and John Lee Hooker to contemporary ones like Don Henley, Ric Ocasik and Jackson Browne. Karp, however, is seldom starstruck, so even when a guy like Mick Taylor, formerly of the Rolling Stones, calls him up for a collaboration, Karp sees it as validation for the work he’s doing.” 

Steve Wildsmith, Daily Times, Maryville, TN 

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 "It isn't difficult to see why so many critics and fans support this man and his music. Not only can Karp play a truly mean guitar...but he's also got a totally cool soulful voice that provides the perfect focal point for his songs. Peter's obviously a crowd pleaser. Check out any of his live videos for some solid proof."


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"His blend of blues and roots styles is diverse, passionate and powerful...written from deep wells of experience. Reminiscent of John Prine and Bob Dylan in many respects, Karp has learned that there is nothing more powerful or effective than the truth. This is good on so many levels. If you're a fan of roots music with roots deep in the blues, this is one album you will want to add to your collection. “

Bill Wilson – Reflections in Blue 

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“Karp is a singular musician whose ability to tap tradition and keep in contemporary, finds him expressing the very essence of a fertile heartland sound.” 

Randy Patterson, Boomercity

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“Peter Karp is one of those people who is keeping the singer/songwriter tradition alive. Blue Flame is a worthy addition to that tradition and a must for your collection.” 

Rhetta Akamatsu, Making A Scene 

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“A rocker with more blues than rock in his slide guitar attack, this is a top shelf act that delivers the goods with plenty of bounce to the ounce. Smoking hot killer stuff that never quits, that's a winner throughout.” 

Midwest Records 

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“Every track with its soulful voice and original songwriting style is a must to listen to and keep listening to. This new disc remains in my CD Player “ 

Foto’s Blues Rock and More, Netherlands 

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“A blistering slide guitarist, Karp’s sound blends Americana and blues elements into muscular evocative melodies featuring his expressive voice, a voice that oozes with sonic allusion and lingering overtones. Blue Flame promises to be a yummy presentation of roots-blues music that will boil your blood and leave you panting for more. Karp knows how to bring heat to the blues.” 

Randall Radic, Blogcritics 

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"Blue Flame will likely end up on several best-of lists at the end of this year."

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